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You might think that the first benefit would be the advantages that flow from being able to speak confidently in public. However the most powerful benefit is the improvement in your general confidence and self image. This affects much more than speaking engagements.

Confidence does not come from being given the technical steps but from actually being successful. Success comes from just doing it and from lots of practice. The ASC programme is designed from this perspective. It succeeds. From this success you get confidence. Simple! Absolutely!

In Business

In business you need an edge. ASC gives you more than just an edge. It helps move you into a different league. Your colleagues may be technically brilliant. They may have strong ideas. They may have good people skills. Yet the person who can speak well in front of a group putting over their point of view powerfully and persuasively will outstrip others - every time.

Being able to speak in public is one of life's unfair advantages. All you have to ask yourself is do you want this sort of unfair advantage to help you in your career?


Being good on your feet, speaking in front of others is one of the easiest ways to increase your group of friends, aquaintances and general influence. Whether you are a member of a golf club or are an organiser of a charity you will find yourself called upon to speak. Instead of dreading it, learn to love it and improve your social standing at the same time.


You can't avoid this one.

At some time in your life you will be asked to speak up. Whether it is at the wedding of a daughter, the christening of a child or even a birthday party, you will be expected to say a few words.

Success with ASC

There are many ways to learn to speak in public. However the safest, the easiest and the most successful way is the ASC way.

There are several reasons for this.

The most important is that the programme is so well structured that you are having successes (little wins) from the very first assignment. This is so important, as the foundation of becoming a good public speaker is confidence and this only comes from a growing string of successes.

Another is that it happens over a longer time period than any commercial training course. This timescale is important and is a much more natural way that you can take on new skills of this sort. You can take in something at an intellectual level but until you have made it your own at the feelings level of your intelligence, you really are not accomplished at it. You have to know it at a subconscious, visceral level.

Also the club ethos of friendly support and encouragement is essential. As you get to know these people well, the impact of their encouragement on you is magnified in the knowledge that they are sincere and really care.

There are many more reasons. Find out for yourself.


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