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The cost varies from club to club. However it is usually less than the price of a meal for two in a city restaurant. The annual subscription is likely to be between £35 and £50.

For this you get a manual with useful information and training materials stretching to over 150 pages. There will be about 16 meetings a year though some clubs run more.

You can get experience of competing at club, district, area and national levels.

Lastly, you will find it hard to get better fun and entertainment.


To get to masterpiece level you should assume that you will take about two seasons.

However you will become an accomplished speaker earlier than this.

You are the main determinant of the rate of your progress.

The ASC's Season

The clubs of ASC start their year in September and go on until April. The specific start dates, night of week and location are available for each club in Find a Club.

There is no best time to join except now. You start your own programme and you dictate the speed of your development. You work to the programme laid out in the manual. There is no club curriculum timescale, only your own personal one.

This works well as it means that many members are at different levels within the education programme, making evenings more interesting and allowing newer members to get a glimpse at what is to come.

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