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Learn what is on offer at our speakers' clubs. This section asnwers "Why should I join?"




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Welcome to ASC

Well done! You have taken the first step on a great journey. Few skills will impact your life as positively as learning to speak in public. It will help you take your place with exceptional people in all walks of life.

ASC has many clubs over the UK. There will be one near you where you can learn how to make speaking in public a lot easier.

You will have goals and fears. Our association, ASC, is great for both. You will be among friends and the development is at a pace that you dictate. We are looking forward to helping you.


New members have differing goals. They may be directed towards a business or a social requirement. With ASC you will succeed.

Regardless of what your goals there is an additional advantage which every member benefits from and that is an increase in confidence.


Fear of speaking in front of people is the number one issue that new members are concerned with. One of the main reasons that the ASC approach is so successful is that it takes place over a length of time in one of the most supportive environments you will find.

You can take some time to become comfortable and develop in small and easy steps in the early days. However once you see how others are doing at all levels of development, you will be surprised how quickly you want to get involved.

ASC is brilliant!

It may seem a little triumphalist but our organisation is brilliant.

It is brilliant in that it accommodates all types with their varying hopes and aspirations.

It is brilliant as it is almost always successful.

It is brilliant because you will have a lot of fun as well as gain an important life skill.

ASC is just brilliant.

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