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Fun, a new life skill and new found confidence - quite a package!

Go at your own pace.

We'll support every word you say.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Just turn up or contact Joel




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Open Pandora's Box - Join Us

We recommend that you come along for at least one meeting to see if what we offer is for you. We meet every second week throughout the speaking season (weeks 1 and 3 per month on average). For more details go to programmes & events.

The Joining fee is £60 for new members and £40 if you are a member of another club. This is great value as it works out to be £2.50 per session. We offer the opportunity to come along to your first meeting for free (try before you buy)!

There is a one off charge of £15 for a paper-copy of the Speaker's Guide, or it is free as a CD-ROM with the guide in PDF format. There is also a downloadable version here (you will get a download code once you have paid membership).

The Membership year runs from September to September (as we break for the summer) and pro-rata reductions are available if you join more than 3 months either side of September.

Your first few meetings

Don't expect to be able to sit back and watch everyone else go at it - you will be asked to participate, whatever level you are at! As soon as you are comfortable you may start your first assignment level from the syllabus of 10.  

Try and keep in mind that we are teaching a life skill and like reading and writing, it takes time. However, you are more than 80% of the way there already.

There will come a time when your progress will speed up.

All the members have been through the programme. Several are still going through the syllabus levels. It is useful to see others at a level you will get to in the near future.

A little secret to help you right away.

Everything worth saying has already been said. Not many speakers realise this. When you do you have a major psychological advantage. It will take most of the pressure off of you.

People do not listen to speakers to learn a new and totally original thought. If they did they would be taking so long to consider its consequences, its impact on their beliefs, that they would not be listening to the rest of what you have to say. You do not want to be original - fresh, intriguing but not truly original!

People want to listen to a point of view, put in a compelling manner. Not only do you have points of view, even if they are very private at the moment, as you learn to speak up you will start to mentally consider your thoughts in a further manner. How would I express that to others? How would it sound?

Before long you will have many points of view, held in sharp focus in a library which will be the foundation of your great speeches, topics and general conversation.

Where does "Fresh and Compelling" come from? Your style and your personality, your passion and conviction will permeate any performance. Audiences will differ in composition and setting, in expectations and mood. Their reaction is as much a part of a performance. You will approach the subject from your razor-shape point of view. Your content will be different from other speakers - the examples, analogies, humour, vocabulary and stories will be different . Lastly there are the techniques that we will teach you. They make up a set of tools that can be used with great flexibility.

Put all of this together and the experience will be truly unique, truly wonderful. By the end you could speak on the same subject many times and every performance will excite, thrill, amuse, amaze and so on. Yet they will all be different.

Your Next Step

Check out the next meeting and just turn up, or contact us. If you are reading this far, you have decided to come along, even if you think you are undecided. We look forward to meeting with you.


Public Speaking is probably be the best life-skill that you do not yet have! It's within your reach...




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