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Practise and improve your public speaking in the friendly atmosphere of Wharfedale Speakers Club.



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Welcome to the website of

Wharfedale Speakers Club

The club’s mission is to help members practise and improve
their public speaking. In this, it is very successful.
Perhaps we may help you?

Perhaps, like many newcomers to public speaking ...

• You lack the courage to stand up and make your point.
• You fear the possible embarrassment of ‘drying up’.
• You are seeking an interesting and challenging hobby.


Perhaps, like many who already have some experience ...

• You are disappointed with your own speaking prowess and would like to do better.
• You have difficulty with impromptu speaking, as in votes of thanks and interviews.
• You face a new job or role in society that demands good speaking ability.


Perhaps, like many trying to improve, you feel frustrated ...

• You are in mid-career with great ideas, but still have difficulty convincing others.
• You have been on a 2-day public speaking course, but find yourself with nowhere to practise.
• You crave constructive feedback and an environment in which you can proceed at your own pace.

If any one of the above scenarios sounds familiar,
read on!