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Trinity College London






Effective Communications Examinations




External Accreditation

Many members of ASC have long felt that they would like to be able to gain a Certificate of Achievement which has an accredited value in the world beyond Speakers Clubs. Trinity College is an International College best known for its Music Examinations but it also covers Speech & Drama and Effective Communication.

It awards certificates to those who reach an appropriate level in their chosen field,  as assessed by an examiner from Trinity College.

Discussions with the Chief Examiner from Trinity College led to the syllabus below being agreed and accepted by him as one appropriate for the award of a Certificate of Effective Communication in Public Speaking. You will see that it is appropriate for anyone who has achieved the ASC Certificate of Achievement and who is now working towards the Advanced Certificate of Achievement.

Anyone may enter for the examination at any time and the present cost is 64 per person. If a number of people want to be assessed at the same time from the same area,  an examiner from Trinity College will come to a venue of your choice at any time,  as long as the total of fees exceeds 299.

An official prospectus from Trinity College shows that there are a number of other possible certificates to gain,  as stepping stones towards the Professional Certificate mentioned below.

Please contact the National Education Director for further information.


The duration of the Examination will not exceed 40 minutes.

The pass mark is 70 marks.

1.  Prepared Public Speaking of no more than 18 Minutes (50 marks)

The candidate is expected to deliver a talk designed for any specific audience (the nature of the imagined audience should be announced before the talk begins). Visual aids,  or any other illustrative material or processes,  may be used.

2. Impromptu Speaking: no more than 6 minutes (20 marks)

Topics will be given to the Candidate 15 minutes before the examination.
The Candidate will choose one of these and present EITHER a persuasive argument OR an explanatory talk.

Notes may be used.

3. Introduction and Vote of Thanks (15 marks)

The candidate is expected to deliver a two minute introduction to any speaker of his/her choice and follow this with a two minute vote of thanks for the imagined talk.

4. Question and Answer, and Social Speaking (15 marks)

The examiner will ask about any matters arising from the preceding sections.

The candidate will be expected to respond actively and initiate some of the conversation.






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